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Mutual Loyalty Contract.

We look forward to having you as a neighbor… and will go the extra mile for you.
Please go the extra mile for your associate by doing the following:

1. Be frank so that your associate can help you. Always tell your associate the truth about your needs, your budget and your reaction to each property.

2. Only make appointments and inspect homes with your designated associate. Through Multiple Listing Services, your associate can show you any home in the entire area.

3. Call your associate if you see a fro Sale or Lease sign or advertisement that interests you. Your associate can generally obtain more information on the property from a fellow Realtor or owner, and save your valuable time.

4. Please go to open houses with your designated associate. By going alone, you will have to transact business with the Open House agent, thus eliminating your associate from helping you, or causing you to repeat everything that had been said to you. In either case you have made it more difficult for you and the associate who has spent many hours accommodating you. You lose the valuable expertise and dedication of your Associate to your needs.

5. Only take the advice of a professional. Everyone is interested in real estate. Your friends and business acquaintances will make many suggestions about where to live and which house to buy or lease. Though they mean well, remember you are working with a professional whose job is to satisfy your needs.

6. Nothing inspires a Professional to seek and find the home of YOUR choice more than knowing that you are relying on him or her completely. Only use the services of one Realtor.