Home Safety Tips to Deter Intruders

by Fleetwood Realty 02/01/2024

No matter how safe your neighborhood is, it's still important to protect it from break-ins. How can you deter intruders from coming into your yard and attempting to break into your home? The following safety tips can help you discourage intruders from targeting your home.

Keep Valuable Items Out of View

Intruders sometimes target houses when they can clearly see valuable items inside. Make sure you don't keep any valuable items in areas where people can see them through your windows and doors. Store these items in secure places, or display them in areas that can't be seen from outside. For example, don't leave your purse or an expensive device close to a window, especially if it's an open window. Keep your garage door closed as well if you're storing expensive items in there.

Install Outdoor Lights

Keeping the outside of your home well-lit can be enough to ward off intruders, since most would rather break into homes without being seen. Install lighting on the exterior of your home, such as floodlights or motion-sensor lights. These lights should be turned on all night to discourage intruders from entering your yard and trying to get into your home.

Get New Door and Window Locks

Having high-quality door and window locks can make it difficult for intruders to break into your home. Replace older or low-quality locks with new, high-quality ones on all doors and windows. Keep in mind that your exterior doors should have a deadbolt, which makes break-ins even more challenging for intruders. You should also check the hinges and frames on your doors to make sure they can't be easily tampered with.

Invest in a Security System

Having a home security system with cameras and other features can provide you with peace of mind regarding intruders. These security systems can alert you if someone trespasses on your property or tries getting into your home. Having security system signs or cameras in plain view can also make intruders think twice about approaching your home.

Trim Bushes and Shrubs

Bushes and shrubs can provide convenient hiding spots for intruders, especially when they're near windows or doors. Keep bushes and shrubs near your home's exterior trimmed to make it harder for intruders to use them as hiding places.